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Ignite Investments is an investment and development platform, headquartered in

Tel Aviv and Dubai.

We scale innovation globally to help build Africa and the Middle East’s sustainable future.

We invest in sustainable companies, build high-impact projects, and develop innovation ecosystems that provide solutions consistent with a globally-conscious, healthy, and safe society.

Our mission is to support the Middle-East and Africa in shaping a more sustainable future for all, with local entrepreneurship, smart capital, and technology paving the path to success.

Over the past decade, we launched and managed a multi-strategy platform, which includes: Angaza Capital Innovation Funds, Face The Gorillas, multiple innovation hubs and innovation ecosystems programs, and the Israel-GCC Investment Opportunity Fund.

Ecosystem Creation

Ignite Inv creates innovation ecosystems throughout Africa and the Middle-East in partnership with global organizations and governments, leveraging cross-border R&D, entrepreneurial support, and horizontal thinking.

Project Development

Our venture support and business development teams connect people and partners, foster growth synergies, and establish long-lasting partnerships, while implementing tailor made strategies, organizational design and financial structuring.


We provide the most promising teams and ventures with the capital and support required to achieve their vision, expand their operations, grow internationally and become the next exponential solution to Africa's biggest challenges.

Execution Strategies

Meet The Team

We are entrepreneurs-investors incorporating decades of investment success in Africa and globally, independently and in the strongest investment houses. Our vast entrepreneurial experience means we understand first-hand the struggles and triumphs of growing businesses in Africa and beyond, of finding innovative solutions and scaling them to global successes with millions of beneficiaries.

Here are some our people:

Angela Homsi

Founder & Managing Partner

18 years of investment experience, a seasoned sustainable impact investor with an accomplished track record spanning the world’s best investment houses.

Gil Karie

Innovation specialist, startup advisor, former Project Manager of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and the Deputy Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine in Israel

Yariv Cohen

Former president, chairman, CEO and chief technology officer in both public and private high-growth impact companies for over 18 years, operating in more than 20 countries.


DR. Hamadoun Toure

A  recognised leader in global telecommunications and technology, was twice elected ITU Secretary-General

Debu Parakastya

A legend of tech investing globally - was senior adviser to EQT, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Octopus Investments, headed Google’s global M&A team, and on international boards

Ran Markavy

Ran Markavy is a previously Director of Products at Facebook, responsible for building Facebook’s international user base with a focus on high engagement and mobile usage

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